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  • System Design Through Installation and Utility Connection

    CPM Solar, LLC representative will need to acquire one year of electric utility bills from the subject property. We can help you with acquiring that information if you need. Once we receive your utility bill we will evaluate the following:

    • 12 months of past utility usage
    • Evaluation of building structure
    • Evaluation of roof orientation including obstacles that penetrate
    • Projected usage opportunities (new electric car/additional family occupants etc.)
    • Current building electrical infrastructure to ensure solar system installation will meet all city/county code requirements

    Based on the above information CPM Solar, LLC consultants will provide a written quotation. The quotation will be comprehensive providing system economics, products and associated warranties for your review and approval.

    Once a contract is approved all required plans and specification including required PG&E connection documents will be prepared and submitted to the appropriate city/county agencies for approval.

    Once the city approval is received, system installation will begin.

    After completion of installation is completed PG&E will complete interconnection and a completed document package will be delivered.

    You are now saving $$$ producing your own ELECTRICAL ENERGY!!! Congratulations!

    Purchasing and Financing

    There are several options available to provide funding for solar system installations. Purchasing a system with your own resources is ideal, but if you need or prefer to finance, CPM Solar, LLC has built close relationships with a number of lenders and lending programs locally to make your dream of installing a system a reality.

    Many of the Bay Area Homeowners have found that purchasing a system is the right choice for them. On average, a residential solar system pays for itself in roughly 5 to 7 years and has a useful life exceeding 25 years. This means you can receive substantial savings for years to come. You can also receive federal tax credits which pay 30% of the installation cost.

    Some options cover 100% of installation cost and still provide monthly savings compared to your current electrical expenditures. Experienced CPM Solar, LLC personnel will provide you with recommendations for purchases or financing strategies that best fit your personal finances.

    CPM Solar, LLC owners are HERO certified.

    Our Process is simple because we do all the work for you. We take care of the design, acquire the necessary permits, schedule home inspections and partner with the best-in-market contractors for solar panel installation. All you need to do is give us a call.

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    Here’s How it Works

    Step 1 – Discuss your options
    We will put you in touch with one of our knowledgeable experts and he or she will review your options based on your home or business goals.

    Step 2 – Get a Free Quote
    A CPM Solar expert will evaluate your home for design and solar installation. He or she will consider the placement of the panels, the type of roofing, and other important factors.

    Step 3 – Review Proposal
    Based on your energy goals and home consultation, we will generate a proposal for your approval. Once you agree to the proposal, we will take care of everything else: from design to installation.

    Step 4 – Reap the benefits of your Solar Panels
    Obtaining the necessary permits and scheduling the proper home inspections can take several weeks. It can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days from the time the contract is signed to the day your solar panels are up and running. Note, it only takes 1-2 days for the actual solar panel installation.

    What are you waiting for? You’re a month or two away from enjoying the significant savings and numerous benefits of solar energy.

    Residential Financing


    HERO Financing is available for a wide array of home energy and water efficient products and renewable energy systems. With new products being added every day you are sure to find the right ones for your home energy project.

    You will Qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.

    Buying: an outright system purchase.

    Short Term Loan: We also offer a number of financing options.

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    Here are some of our strategic partners

    Sigma Corporation
    Rise & Shine Solar

Sample Residential Quotation

  • residential-solar-design
    • System Design: 6.0 kW
    • Electricity Bill Before Solar (Yr): $(2,000)
    • Electricity Bill Savings Solar (Yr): $2,000
    • Electricity Bill Offset: 100%
    • Return on Investment: 5.5 Years

Installation Gallery

Cash Flow Analysis 25 Years

  • 25-years-cash-flow-chart

    Disclaimer: Resulting analysis reflect an estimated financial model to project future values, therefore, it does not guarantee exact production or savings.

System Price and Payment Terms

  • System Price
    System Size 6.0 kW
    Price Per Watt $ 4.30 per Watt
    System Price $ (25,800)
    Federal Tax Credit $ 7,740
    Net Price after Federal Tax Credit $ (18,060)
    • $ 1,000 Deposit
    • $ 12,400 Due at Construction
    • $ 12,400 Due upon completion of city inspection

    * Consult with your Tax Accountant


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