• System Design Through Installation and Utility Connection

    Our commercial process for installation and financing is the same as for Residential Process with differences in building code approvals, tax credits and city licenses. Our team will submit a clear proposal with all the requirements and explain everything in detail before we begin the process.

    Commercial electric rates are going up and without an alternative way to power your business your operating costs and organization are at the mercy of the utilities.

    Going solar puts a power plant on your property and money back in your business. Solar technologies offers affordable solar solutions so you can control your energy costs long-term.

    Our Process

    We have a clear process at CPM Solar, LLC.

    • We evaluate your solar system requirements depending on the type of business you are in
    • We review your financial options that will greatly benefit your business
    • We recommend system installer/product manufacturer/warranty’s/financial options
    • Project oversight design through construction and utility connection
    • We provide the insight and experience for you to make informed decisions that will save you time and reduce cost

    Commercial Financing

    You can either lease or get a loan for your Solar Installation if you are not going to be paying in full at the time of installation. The Project Manager will go over all the options and advantages with you.

    All of our leases and loans are designed to keep things simple and make your new solar system fit both your energy needs and your finances. No matter what your financial situation, CPM Solar can help you attain your solar and energy savings goals.

    Leasing: having a system installed on your property and leasing it OR

    Buying: an outright system purchase.

    Short Term Loan: We also offer a number of financing options.

    Pace Nation

    PACE is an innovative program that makes it possible for owners of commercial and industrial properties to obtain low-cost, long-term financing for energy-efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy projects. PACE statutes authorize municipalities and counties to work with private sector lenders to provide upfront financing to property owners for qualified projects, and to collect the repayment through annual assessments on the property’s real estate tax bill.

    Get energized by solar savings.

    Thousands of Bay Area Businesses have switched to solar because of the tax incentives, 3-4 year payback, mid-teens return on investment and hundreds of thousands if not millions in electrical savings.

    Show off your sustainable side

    Not only will you generate substantial savings but you will be making great strides towards achieving your sustainability goals and projecting a greener image.

    Customers, vendors and even employees are becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and motivated to work with those companies trying to do the right thing.

    We can help you make a strong statement with your solar system, all while saving money.

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Sample Commercial Quotation

Warranty and Equipment will vary according to customer needs

  • solar-panel
    • System Design: 150 kW
    • Electricity Bill Before Solar (Yr): $ (64,392)
    • Electricity Bill Savings Solar (Yr): $ 64,392
    • Electricity Bill Offset: 100%
    • Return on Investment: 3.62 Years

Installation Gallery

Cash Flow Analysis 25 Years

  • cash-flow-analysis-25-years

    Disclaimer: Resulting analysis reflect an estimated financial model to project future values, therefore, it does not guarantee exact production or savings.

System Price and Payment Terms

  • System Price
    System Size 150 kW
    Price Per Watt $ 3.15 per Watt
    System Price $ (472,500)
    Federal Tax Credit $ 141,750
    Net Price after Federal Tax Credit $ (330,750)
    Straight Line Depreciation $ 115,763*
    Net System Cost $ (241,987)
    • $ 47,250 Deposit
    • $ 212,625 Due at Construction
    • $ 212,625 Due upon completion of city inspection

    * Consult with your Tax Accountant

Solar Panel Specifications

    STC rated output P MPP (W) 350 360 370
    Cell Efficiency 20.7% 21.3% 21.8%
    Module Efficiency STC 18% 18.6% 19.1%
    Standard sorted output -3%/+5% -3%/+5% -3%/+5%
    Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V) 53 53.9 54.7
    Short circuit current Isc (A) 9.0 9.1 9.2
    Rated Voltage VMPP (V) 41.2 41.9 42.5
    Rated Current IMPP (A) 8.5 8.6 8.7

Inverter Specifications

  • General Data 188.4 / 218.4 / 43.7 mm 162 / 90 /63 mm
    Dimensions (W / H / D) (7.4 / 8.6 / 1.7 inch) (6.4 / 3.5 / 2.5 inch)
    Weight 1.3 kg / 2.9 lb 0.7 kg / 1.5 lb
    Ambient temperature range -40° C… +65 ° C / -40° F … +149 ° F N/A
    Operating temperature range -40° C… +90 ° C / -40° F … +194 ° F N/A
    Tapalogy HF Tranformer N/A
    Coaling concept Convection Convection
    Degree of protection (according to IEC 60529) NEMA 4X TYPE 1
    Max- permissible value for relative humidity (non-condensing) 100% N/A

System Warranty

  • System Warranty
    Inverters 25 Years – Longest in Industry
    Panels 25 years – Longest in Industry
    Workmanship 25 Years – Longest in Industry


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